Nishah Jane Dennison

Psychotherapy & Consultancy in South West London

I am a senior psychotherapist with over 20yrs experience in the public & private sector, fully registered & accredited with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy & the UK Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners. My approach is Integrative: Psycho-Dynamic/Analytic with Humanistic/Existential Psychotherapy approaches

My clinical practice is situated in Wimbledon-Merton and I also see clients in the surrounding boroughs of Kingston, Sutton and Wandsworth. I offer Integrative Psychotherapy and Professional Consultancy:

*Psychotherapy with Adults and Teens

*Psychotherapy with Trainee & Experienced Therapists

*Consultancy for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Available via the following Insurance Providers:

Clinic Hours: 8am-8pm

5mins from Wimbledon Station/South Wimbledon Underground:


British Rail ~ District Line ~ Northern Line

(Parking Available)

Develop Mindfulness & Gain Control with my Meditation App: ReConnect

Develop Mindfulness & Gain Control with my Meditation App: ReConnect


Mental Health Blog

Hold Your Nerve

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘this too shall pass’? We all have the tendency to think that when something is bad, it will never end. So it’s useful to think ‘this too shall pass’ because we know that in our previous experiences, the negative stuff always passes at...

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Entrepreneur: Crown

The Crown Chakra comes into play when we feel the urge to simplify an aspect of business that has become unsatisfying or unfulfilling, perhaps with too much focus on material gain. There may be a craving for a more spiritual lifestyle that is more in tune with the...

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Entrepreneur: Third Eye

Why do we need a Third Eye in business? Think of the times when you let go of a business idea and allowed yourself to consider a different tangent, an angle you had not anticipated, previously refrained from or simply refused to entertain! As a result, you find...

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