Your House is YOU (Part 2)

by | 18th September 2017

Recently, I had recurring dreams every night during one week. Each night I would dream I was in a house and when I went to my room I would not be able to get in! I had three or four dreams in a row where someone or something was going on in my room so I could not enter. As a psychotherapist, you can imagine my concern, the theme was worrying! It disturbed me but I had to let it go. A week or so later I returned home from holiday to find that my room was completely re-decorated as a surprise whilst I was a way. What do you make of this? All I can say is – listen to your dreams.

So unconsciously, dreams about houses are dreams concerning you; and consciously, we can change the self by altering our external living environment. It’s just another way of working on the self. If you run a business from home, these alterations may help the flow of your livelihood.


Mirrors double the effect of what they reflect, so have a look at where your mirrors are and what they reflect. Most of the time it is ok, but look for symbolism. Do they reflect mess (chaos in life), do they reflect an empty hallway (loneliness), do they reflect medicines (health issues). I have found that mirrors reflecting something potentially negative, that happen to have a mirror opposite, seem to counter the energy. This is why ‘Bagua’s’ (hexagon mirrors) are often placed to reflect back negative energy. They can be bought in China Town. Why not put one in your business to reflect negative energy away from your business. An instant remedy: once you address the reflections, clean your mirrors!

Hallways & Accessibility

Keep hallways clear so that energy can flow smoothly. No piles of clothes or books, in the hall ways at least! Have a look and see if everything is accessible. Can you move about a room comfortably? Or do you have to side step or even move things in order to get to something. Obstacles in the house can reflect obstacles in life/business. You may find yourself unable to reach goals, prevented in some way, certainly without ease. Once you resolve this, see how things come to you with more ease. The aim is to try to make the energy in your house flow.

TIP: close toilet lids, shower curtains & drains, chi is lost through drains – can symbolise losing money

Outer House: Entrance

Make sure the entrance is clear and accessible so that it doesn’t inhibit your wealth, health and overall happiness. It is important that the entrance invites positive energy in, so clear away any unsightly blocks or weeds, and be sure to include the area near and around the entrance. Imagine smooth energy flowing into and towards your house, bringing blessings and prosperity into your life. Clear any blocked gutters to avoid/prevent stagnant life conditions.


Clearing clutter is an obvious one, but spend a moment noticing where the clutter is and if this is symbolically playing out in your life. This process is not just a clear-out! It is an opportunity for analysis. Incidentally, hidden clutter is still an issue – it may symbolise that you struggle to attend to details in work and business, or private life.


How does low lighting affect you? Low lighting generally diminishes life force energy. We see a higher incidence of suicide in countries with less daylight, and many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder when daylight is minimal during the winter months.

Lighting Tips

  1. Make sure your lighting is good

2. Replace burned out bulbs straight away

3. Put bright bulbs in rooms that count!

4. Burning candles can raise the spirit

5. Have daylight pouring in when you can

6. Try a SAD lamp (seasonal affective disorder)

I am developing a ‘House Hack’ service that incorporates 10 powerful approaches to diagnose and transform a house or venue. If you are interested and are in the London area, get in touch.  

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