Your House is YOU (Part 1)

by | 31st August 2017

When you dream about a house you are dreaming about yourself. The external aspects of the house correspond to the ‘external you’ and the internal aspects represent your internal world. Carl Jung talks about the lower levels of the house, the cellar or basement, representing the deeper unknown parts of you, your unconscious. Whilst the upper levels, the attic of loft, represent your conscious mind, what you are like day to day. If you dream about a house that isn’t yours, then you may be struggling to be YOU in your life or find your vocation, purpose. Specific rooms reveal information about you depending on what that room represents and so on. Send me your dreams on houses for a more personalised interpretation. Anyone who knows me, knows I love working with dreams.

In addition, the current state of your house reveals your current mental state. If your house is a mess inside, chances are, you are a mess inside. A good piece of therapeutic homework is to sort out your house. In physically doing this, you are symbolically sorting out your internal world at the same time: de-clutter, fix up, or change appearances. It is no surprise that your environment affects your mental state, but what I am saying here is that changing your external world can ‘kick start’ a shift in your internal world. Try it.


House Entrance

What does the entrance of your house say about you? Consider the state or colour of your front door. Whether it is a welcoming entrance. Whether it is a ‘feature’ or not. If there are any block or obstructions. If it is unkempt or tidy. The location and surroundings. For example, my house entrance is hard to find, and this accurately reflects the private and confidential nature of my work: non-disclosure means my clients don’t ‘find’ me, I am hidden. If this is true for you, but you want to be found! (known by people/in life) then make changes to add more emphasis – make yourself found easily.


In Feng Shui, the windows of your house are entrance and exit points for Chi: vital energy flow. Do they open and close easily? – allow life force energy to enter and nourish. If a window is permanently stuck, you may not be replenishing your energy levels easily in life. Or perhaps one doesn’t close completely and you are leaking energy, tired all the time.

Your windows also represent your eyes. If your windows are dirty, how is this reflected in your life? Are you unable to see things clearly, unable to get the bigger picture, struggle to see options or ideas clearly. Perhaps you can’t see the direction or purpose in your life – what to do etc. Pay attention to the rooms with the dirtiest windows and see if this is an issue or not, who’s room that is, or the purpose of the room, may need attention. Often though, dirty windows manifest as a lack of clarity or vision in life. Sometimes dirty windows link directly to your physical eyes, for instance you might feel your eyes are struggling or deteriorating. The good news is…it’s easy to remedy….clean your windows!

I have been involved with many methods of home/venue enhancement as practitioner or participant:

  1. Chinese Lion Dance: the Lion blesses the house/venue, inviting prosperity and luck, scaring off any negative energy. The owner hangs Chinese greens or lettuce high in the doorway for the lion to eat/take during the blessing. Attached to the greens is a red packet containing money in symbolic exchange.

2. Buddhist Monks: can bless a house or a venue, clearing negative energies, purifying and clearing via chanting. They usually come early morning to do the process and are then offered food afterwards – a big lunch. This is their only meal of the day and needs to be eaten around midday as they do not eat after 1pm. Donations and offerings are also given in gratitude. The ritual also involves throwing water – try and get some water thrown onto you if you can!

3. Spiritual/Psychic: clearing negative energy including spirits – the latter are encouraged to go to the white light. information provision about the house, issues, entities. Sometimes sage is burned – you can buy this and do it yourself. Sometimes salt is sprinkled.

4. Home Alignment: Ascertains information and provides actions and remedies for implementation as a result of the findings. Floor plans may be requested at the beginning as part of the assessment/diagnosis – the ‘heart’ of the house must be found and is not always in the obvious places! Homework to deepen the balance is always given and is often interesting and unexpected!

5. Feng Shui: harmonising the property by analysing the flow of Chi, diagnosing and implementing changes. Utilises the four elements, yin and yang balancing, as well as optimising placements in terms of direction (north, east etc).

6. Kinesiology: as well as balancing the body, kinesiology can also identify information about the persons home/environment that may be causing an issue, offering solutions to harmonise. Muscle testing is used to ascertain information from the unconscious via the body.

Next month covers more diagnosis and what you can change. If your business isn’t flowing I highly recommend implementing the changes in Part 2.

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