The Tao of Squirrel: Business

by | 11th February 2018

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Don’t try to feed a squirrel when it is clinging to a tree trunk

This is not the right kind of squirrel (customer). It has the wrong energy (trying to hold on); And it is the wrong time to try and give it your nuts (products) – it doesn’t know you, it is not ready.

If you offer your ‘nut’ to a squirrel in this state of uncertainty and confusion, you are giving to the wrong kind of squirrel. Yes, it will take your ‘nut’, but it will have to use its mouth as its hands aren’t free. It will use its mouth in the most optimum way in order to desperately secure the ‘nut’: biting you in the process.

Your urge to give must not override logical planning and risk assessment

When a squirrel doesn’t come to you, it is suspicious of your ‘nuts’ and untrusting of ‘you’.

Don’t enforce your nuts on uninterested squirrels

Instead, wait for the right squirrels to appear. Timing is everything. The ones that come to you are ready to trust, ready to risk, and ready to receive.

Find the right squirrels

You can approach the cautious ones, but not the confused ones. The confused ones bite!

The squirrels who are ‘ready’ and ‘open’ are likely to come back for more nuts because they have had a positive experience with you. These become trusting and loyal squirrels:

Some squirrels are: Returning Squirrels

Some squirrels want to connect even more, and may even wait in certain places where they know you will deliver. They want more of you and what you give. They are intelligent enough to know a good thing and flow with it. It becomes an abundant and enjoyable experience for the both of you.

Certain squirrels have a higher consciousness than others. Feed these and abundance flows.

Work with squirrels who have high consciousness – the ones in flow

Are you a Tree Squirrel? Ground Squirrel? or Flying Squirrel?

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