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by | 20th March 2018

Do you have difficulty achieving goals? Perhaps you feel every disappointment is something out of your control that you cannot change? You may also find yourself feeling regularly ungrounded and unfocused. As a result, an entrepreneur can lack ‘roots’ or ‘supportive’ structures’ in anything around them and in anything that they try to achieve.

As an entrepreneur it is really important to heal your Root Chakra. It can either prevent you from moving forward in your business in the beginning stages, or for those that have moved forward ‘despite this’ there will be regular Root Chakra hindrances & niggles.

This blog focuses on the emotional, psychological and energetic aspects that can be healed, rather than teaching the mechanics (obvious information) about chakras in terms of colours, sounds, placement, spinning etc.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

If you are a spiritual entrepreneur with root chakra issues, you will find yourself naturally drawn to certain things as a way of unconsciously trying to heal yourself. Common things people are drawn to are: Elephants or the deity ‘Ganesh’, The Colour Red, The Out-Doors, Certain Crystals – tigers eye or hematite for instance, Certain Scents – patchouli or cedarwood for instance. There are many more, and these are helpful in taking you to a certain level or these can be used to enhance work on the following topics.

Emotional Symptoms

To know if you need to heal this area, there are a number of red flags or ‘pointers’ (to be more positive!). You will regularly feel a victim of life and circumstances when your business development isn’t going as you want it. You will feel concerned with how to survive financially a lot of the time. You may easily go into ‘fight-flight’ worry and panic at any set back, feeling mentally drained and lethargic, or even spacy and light headed. There are two poles: you might lean towards feeling emotionally needy/unhappy with low self-esteem and feelings of fear. This can lead to self-destructive behaviour, consciously or unconsciously. The other pole is almost the opposite – one becomes a force to be reckoned with, intimidating and controlling or at worst bullying. Pre-occupied with materialistic things, self-centred, and physically clumsy (bull in china shop). Without going into too much detail, this is to do with how fast or slow your root chakra is spinning, which makes it either excessive or deficient. All of these emotional issues create a struggle in achieving a sense of inner stillness.

Interestingly, the Yantra (symbol) for the Root Chakra is a square with an inverted triangle within it. The square represents earth, and the triangle points downwards, both indicating the need for grounding to bring about stillness

Physical Symptoms

Most commonly there will be issues with the adrenal glands (fight-flight) making you prone to swings of exhaustion to swings of adrenalin. The adrenals are at the top of the kidneys, you may or may not feel kidney sensitivity. Sometimes there are issues with the bones and the skeletal system (your structure) in the form of joint issues or osteoarthritis. Your diet may consist of protein or meat cravings, and you have not fully addressed the importance of looking after your body in terms of diet and exercise.

Psychological Symptoms

Wounding is between the developmental ages of 1-8 years old. You may be an adult, but you have ‘inner child’ wounding. A nuisance, I know. In order to try and remember these buried experiences, here are some prompts:

You couldn’t stand up for yourself

Your needs were not met or not able to be met.

You did not feel you belonged to a group (family or peer)

You tried to appease people as a result of feeling anxious (to no avail)

You didn’t feel that you fitted into the world

You did not feel safe or secure in the world (lifestyle)

You worried about how to cope, so shut down

You worried about the future or how to live, so shut down

You may have worried about money very young

How can a child create a Start-Up. They will repeatedly make mistakes, fail, have emotional outbursts, feel powerless & not know how to change things

Healing the Entrepreneur Root Chakra

The root can be greatly healed by working on the psychological and emotional issues, but this is just one layer. If the issues are persistent ie. haven’t gone away, working on the energetic and spiritual layers are extremely important as this can access the areas that are difficult to reach on one’s own.

‘A combination of psychological AND energetic treatment is best’

Our issues – traumas and experiences in life (no matter how much we’ve worked on them) reside energetically in our bodies. I repeat – our issues literally ‘reside in our bodies’. It’s important to grasp this. Sometimes we need help shifting these from our bodies energetically as we can only do so much on our own emotionally and psychologically.

Entrepreneur Alignment 

Those with a balanced root are grounded and focused – therefore more able to make good business decisions and follow the right direction. They interact with their tribe and are connected to others. They are healthy and energised because they have grasped the importance of a healthy and fit body. They have achieved self-mastery – are in control of their life. They are self-sufficient and emotionally whole. Life’s experiences become opportunities rather than threats, so there is a different outlook and attitude.

Entrepreneur Alignment finds exactly what the issues are that still reside in your body and subsequently clears them energetically, bringing you into alignment each time. The person is then freed to move forward to the next level. When the body shifts energetically, it returns to its natural state of self-healing. We all have the ability to heal ourselves, but sometimes it needs re-activating – re-aligning.

Entrepreneur Root Benefits

Shift mental, emotional & physical limitations that hold you back from trying new directions ~ Alleviate anxiety in order to balance the body ~ Dissolve negativity associated with fear of the unknown or new ventures ~ Bring about physical, mental & emotional renewal ~ Redirect focus on your potential to fulfill your social & working life ~ produce clearer decision making ~ Create optimism & self-discipline ~ Evoke security & independence.

‘If you are an entrepreneur, don’t underestimate the importance of dealing with your Root Chakra issues’.


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