The Concept of Gratitude

by | 11th May 2017

I’ve noticed that highly successful people, business people and celebrities, are in a natural state of ‘Gratitude’. Just observe Roger Hamilton, Richard Branson, Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey for instance. This is interesting because ‘Thanking’ is a vibrational frequency that attracts Abundance and Fulfilment.

As a spiritual concept: when you express gratitude, it means that your heart is functioning, and when your heart is functioning, you naturally express gratitude. When I am in a good ‘state’ I notice that I am constantly ‘thanking’ without thought, and at the same time I am constantly ‘receiving’, it becomes a positive cycle.

Gratitude is also said to be a great detoxifier, regularly appreciating what we have, who we are and our abilities, can be a way of detoxifying and depleting any negativity. When gratitude is understood at a deep level it is not simply about thanking in return, like repaying a debt, but simply experiencing joyful gratefulness in the moment.

Considering ‘Karma’: when something bad happens to us, and we happen to survive it, got lucky so to speak! – we have drawn from our store of good Karma, or ‘Karma Bank’. One way to replenish this Karma Bank is to express and cultivate gratitude. This is not a natural state for most people, but you can train your gratitude muscle until it gets stronger and becomes more natural.

Here are 6 ways to do this:

1. Make gratitude part of your daily routine. It could be at the beginning or end of the day (or both), or during the day organically.

2. Write a regular gratitude Journal or even a one-off list of things to be grateful for.

3. Speak it out: make it verbal – you are sending it out, or better still thank someone directly face to face with good eye contact!

4. Give thanks for a range of things: people in your life, your life journey, who you are as a person, what you’re able to do, what you have achieved, those who have helped you etc.

5. Be grateful to the people you struggle to express gratitude too! – there is a block here.

6. Be grateful for the little miracles that happen, coincidences, prayers answered, being steered in the right direction or assisted in some way.

Famous and successful people not only include gratitude as part of their daily routine, either in practice or in speech, they are also grateful for the ‘challenges’ in life. This fits with the idea that when gratitude becomes more profound, one reaches a point where there is even an appreciation for the bad or problematic things in life.

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