Webinars & Videos for Trainee Therapists & Related Professionals

Who is it for?


Counselling & Psychotherapy Students

StudentHack is predominantly for Counselling & Psychotherapy students who want to enhance themselves & their training.

Coaching & Mentoring Students/Practitioners

Studenthack is also for people training & working in related professions who utilise elements of psychology & want to deepen this.

Philosophy & Psychology Students/Practitioners

StudentHack provides another approach and another angle to what is already known.

StudentHack Youtube Channel

40+ FREE Lecture Videos: 20 Minutes Max

Additional STUDENTHACK Mentoring


Monthly Mentoring Sessions (12 months) ~ VIP StudentHack Group with Regular Q&A Webinars


£ 510 

30% disc for students of Training Organisations:

NAOS Institute / CPTA / Regents University

£357 (apply coupon)

Partners | Affiliates

What Happens Next

Follow These Simple Steps:


Book Your Monthly Mentoring + Pay (above)

Step 2.

Join the Exclusive Studenthack Group: Submit Questions & Connect

Step 3.

Watch monthly Q&A webinars & receive updates/offers

Two Decades of Students

who became Awesome Professionals

‘Thank you for putting me on the road to glory’

‘Thank you for believing in me and supporting me’

‘Thank you for your input into our group and our development as individuals. I learnt so much from you’

‘You have had a huge impact on my life and you are more than just a teacher to me. You are a friend always to me.’

‘Thank you for all your support and insight you gave our group’

'Thank you for your help in year 1, without your sensitive approach, I don't think I would have got through to year 2'

'Thank you for pushing me to search deeper! I've learned a lot!'

'Thanks for all your words of wisdom over the year'

'Thanks so much, you've been a stabilising influence & I have learnt so much'

'Thank you for finding "me" when i needed it'

'Thanks for your words of support, you always made me smile'

'Thanks for your words & guidance this year, & helping me grow & develop in areas I might not have done'

'Its been an absolute pleasure to train under you'

'Thank you sooooo much, you don't even know how much'

'Thank you for your welcoming warmth, I've felt safe & inspired by you throughout'

'Without going into details, I want to let you know you've been a helping angel - I truely appreciate it'

'Thank you for guiding me through my incredible journey. Your warmth & wisdom has been hugely appreciated'

Additional Information

Zoom for Ease

Mentoring is available on Zoom: you will be sent a link, simply click to join

StudentHack Awards

Talented and upcoming individuals are celebrated and promoted


Prizes & guest speakers in StudentHack Private Group


Coming very soon…..FREE entry for all Mentees!

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