Hold Your Nerve

by | 7th February 2019

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘this too shall pass’? We all have the tendency to think that when something is bad, it will never end. So it’s useful to think ‘this too shall pass’ because we know that in our previous experiences, the negative stuff always passes at some point. If we could just remember this phrase ‘in the moment’, the moment may be more bearable: This too shall pass, whether it is anxiety, worry, stress or depression.

The spiritual view point is that ‘everything is impermanent’. Everything is changing, everything fluctuates. We should not get too attached to anything, as it will not last. Bad things won’t last, and even the good things won’t last. If we are less attached, we are less inclined to be affected by any change, less inclined to get hurt.

The mindfulness perspective encourages one to ‘be in the moment with one’s body’, as living ‘in the moment’ helps us become less susceptible to the effects of the change going on around us. So if we are truly ‘self-aware’ or ‘mindful’ we can be ‘in the moment’ alongside the discomfort – in a different way, until we move to another moment.

So ‘this too shall pass’ is a very useful tool when we feel at the end of our tether in some way, but I want to add something better. When you are at your lowest, can’t take anymore, on the point of giving up, all is too much, ‘this too shall pass’ sometimes doesn’t cut it. I would replace it with ‘hold your nerve’. The reason? Because sometimes we cannot wait anymore for something to pass, but we can hold our nerve.


‘Hold Your Nerve’


Holding your nerve is waiting and surviving at the same time. It acknowledges that that you need ‘nerve’ and ‘resolve’ in life, that if you stay firm and wait it out in an active way, you are not a passive victim of circumstance. It encourages strength, nerve is strength, stay cool, stay calm – hold your nerve. Change is going on, it’s really painful, just ‘hold your nerve’.

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