Hack Your Intuition

by | 12th March 2017


Have you ever thought ‘I should have listened to myself’ or ‘I knew what I should have done but didn’t do it’? We aren’t used to listening to our intuition. The trouble is that intuition is often a fleeting thought or a very quiet voice within, easy to miss. Steven Spielberg, in his speech about dreams, eloquently describes intuition as a whisper that sneaks up on you.

When you study the habits of Intuition, as if were an animal! – you find that it appears when the mind is quiet, when not thinking or processing. You could be drying your hair or washing the dishes, in my case it’s just before waking up – I get answers most mornings.

The definition of intuition is ‘sensing or knowing something to be true’. It can feel like an impression, or a perception of truth, but without any evidence or explanation. It simply appears for you to either acknowledge or ignore. I call my intuition ‘spontaneous insights’.


Albert Einstein said ‘the only real valuable thing is intuition’ and Bill Gates ‘often you have to rely on intuition’. Sometimes we cannot get ‘answers’ because of the limitations of our brains, mind, existence. Its only when in an uncontrolled meditative state that answers appear.

To develop intuition, you need to develop a higher ‘state of awareness’ and master switching off. Have you ever noticed times when you are thinking so much that you become unclear, lack productivity and lack focus? These are the times when you need to move into what I call ‘no brain activity’. Just stop. Do activities that require little or no thought, create fertile voids:

Cultivate your unconscious processes by doing creative activities that link with your imagination: close your eyes and allow images or words to appear and write them, visualise them, draw them, make collages, meditate or contemplate

If you are a ‘thinker’ – learn how to switch off and ‘do nothing’ even if it is physical activity to start with, it takes you away from the mind

Tune into your instincts, what does your gut say. This will take time. It won’t be accurate at first, so don’t hold onto things or rely on them. Treat this as an observational exercise

Try to be more spontaneous, lower your barriers, be less controlling or censoring, take more risks, be child-like or playful, be silly, dance silly

Avoid excess intellectual and rational thinking:

‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.’ – Albert Einstein

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