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by | 31st March 2018

Throat Chakra issues are the second most problematic for Entrepreneurs after the Root Chakra (previous blog). This Chakra is all about purification – getting yourself clear. I don’t usually mention the Elements and Planets associated with chakras but on this occasion, it provides useful information. The element is Ether: imagine Ether as a pure/clear empty space of potentiality, ready to hold the vibration of sound – the vibration of you and your essence. The associated planet is Mercury: the planet of communication.

The Throat in Business

When the Throat is out of balance a person won’t be able to express their business: vision, purpose, passion or goals clearly. Their speech will reflect this in some way – muffled, rambling, inarticulate or monotone & lacking enthusiasm.

There is often a huge pattern of ‘not being heard’ or ‘not being noticed’ playing out, which inadvertently affects any business meeting or pitch. The result being that the person and their business is quickly passed by – not even ‘considered’ or ‘looked at’ by potential investors/collaborators. Another example would be when a person feels completely unacknowledged, missed or unnoticed. For instance, they ‘post a request’ but never get much (or any) response. They can ignore this of course & ‘not allow this to impact’, great on one level, but nevertheless ‘not being heard’ indicates underlying Throat issues that could be resolved. The pattern will continue into other business settings where they didn’t get a chance to voice something or got left out completely.

Physical Manifestations

Interestingly, a person with throat issues may hide their throat when talking, either chin down, or neck unseen in some way. They are also likely to actually have throat issues – sore throats, regularly clearing the throat, difficulty swallowing etc. Energetically, this is the true self held down: literally swallowing, coughing or choking down the true expression that cannot emerge. Interestingly the body also reflects throat issues by not supporting the voice in terms of posture; neck ache and stiff neck are common, as are thyroid and hearing problems. In my work I have also noticed that people with throat issues sometimes have breathing symptoms – shallow breath, weak breathing, and interestingly a kind of tremor on the in-breath – as if they have been crying and the breath is stilted as they breath in.

A common manifestation is speaking very quietly and the quiet voice is very hard to hear. The person is literally struggling to express themselves (reflecting the deeper issue of not being able to express their true essence) and playing into the dynamic of not getting heard. They are usually totally unaware of how quiet they speak and some refuse to take ownership. A quiet voice can mask anger, so can be passive-aggressive at varying levels. Whilst the general tendency is to avoid anger, if pushed they will explode, and on exploding the voice will not be volcanic, but ‘pathetically’ weak – they can’t even shout! In the extreme, a quiet voice becomes a silent one. Some people are simply prone to being ‘silent’, never speaking up, happy to be quiet – incapable of truthful expression so do not express at all.

Less common is a person who speaks overly loud coming across as slightly scary and aggressive (although they are not inside). This is a way of warding off/keeping at bay/keeping at a distance – any communication deemed as threatening: someone might reach their insecure core self. These people move to tears very quickly. Similar to this is a person who keeps you at bay by talking incessantly, not letting you in and talking over you if you try to speak. In extreme cases aggressively talking over you (almost shouting) when you speak.

You can learn a lot from someone’s voice and how they project it. I often communicate with people by email/text before meeting face to face/online and find it really interesting when I finally get to hear their voice! – does a person’s essence get expressed via their voice?


As we grow we learn how to express ourselves and this comes to the fore in our late 20’s to mid-30’s, but leading up to this there may have been hindrances, ask yourself:

1: Were your expressions/communications blocked/shut down?

2: Were your expressions validated/heard?

3: Could you be your true-self: your feelings recognised & valued?

4: Did you have to mask yourself in some way – perhaps to fit in?

5: Were you able to speak up about your choices?

6: Did you have to revert to non-verbal forms of self-expression?

7: Did you know what you wanted to do: path/purpose/direction?

8: Did you experience disappointments regarding your future?

9: Could you communicate your emotional issues?

10: Did you feel suicidal/depressed (opposite to outward expression)?

11: Were you unseen or invisible in some way?

12: Did you feel you had a right to have your demands met?

A Balanced Throat

Have you ever spoken to high level entrepreneurs and noticed the way that they speak and communicate? Their speech is unhurried and measured. They speak calmly and relatively slow because their thought and speech is considered, in fact their communication in general is considered. If needed they are happy to express their emotions honestly, recognising how they feel about things (an unbalanced person will not have the confidence to express their emotions to others let alone themselves). A balanced person will be a good communicator, will be content in themselves, able to be creative, artistic and have inspiration. They will be able to meditate quite easily. In a nutshell their inner self matches the outer self. There is no mask or disparity between the inner and outer self. As a result, there is harmony with others, powerful personal expression and clear direction and choice in life.

Entrepreneurial Directions

People go into certain entrepreneurial directions as an unconscious attempt to heal their Throat issues. This is perfectly normal:

Public Speaking, Podcasting, Vlogging ~ Teaching, Training, Education ~ Personal Development, Therapies, Coaching, Mentoring ~ Music Creation, Expression, Singing

If they develop a ‘well balanced’ Throat Chakra as a result of being in these professions they will have a wonderful speaking voice, or have a noticeable voice, or be a good communicator. They would be able to express themselves with a high level of clarity and purpose, or, to use a therapy term, express with ‘congruence’ – be connected to their sincere and authentic self. Look at Tony Robbins for instance, notice how his voice literally vibrates.

Your business choice is often the best vehicle to meet the needs of your dominant Chakra wound! – we often go into the profession where our most wounding is, as a way of trying to heal it. When my clients balance their throat issues, they are able to speak ‘as their true self’ with ease, and are subsequently seen, heard, noticed and acknowledged without hindrance. Their self-acceptance is sensed by others around them, which then induces connection, respect and support.

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