Entrepreneur: Solar Plexus

by | 21st April 2018

This is the third most common Chakra to arise in Entrepreneur Alignment sessions – in terms of its related issues. The Solar Plexus is all about Personal Power: what you CAN ACHIEVE in your life and your business. An entrepreneur needs an active and balanced Solar Plexus so that their Personal Power flows from them, through to their business, and beyond. When this happens, there is an energy of confidence and self-knowing that is picked up by others around them. They can automatically transcend the challenges of business, are able to make balanced ‘head~heart’ decisions, can be a ‘Warrior’ in business and they will have robust self-esteem. If the Solar Plexus is inactive or weak, the lack of Self Power filters through, inhibiting the business identity, brand, purpose and passion. Customers have the uncanny ability to unconsciously sense any lack of Personal Power/Self Will behind a business, the energetic transference is almost immediate. Think of the times you encountered a business and very quickly decided not to follow through. In most cases the core reasons behind Solar Plexus issues revert back to the transition from young person to adult (below).

Chakra ‘Spin Class’

Without getting too technical, our Chakras very naturally and quietly vibrate/spin within our bodies. They are simply energy centers within us, as we move and pulsate as living organisms. Rhythm and movement is everywhere in life, we just don’t see it happening at an energetic level. In fact, when you really go into this, you find that spinning and rotation is a natural energetic occurrence at a cellular level (Bruce Lipton) just as planets spin and rotate. We don’t feel or notice these internal energy centers spinning unless we are ‘super spiritual’ in practice. The only time I felt my solar plexus actually spin was in an ashram temple during an intense two-month Kundalini process! Milder experiences can feel like bubbling or crackling sensations in the abdomen, it varies by person.

Inactive Solar Plexus

When the Solar Plexus spins too slow (is inactive) a person becomes too concerned about (or aware of) what others think, taking them away from themselves, their personal power within. In business they are at risk of ‘Producing to Please’ instead of listening to a customer’s deeper need and responding from their inner power. Slow spinners regularly feel insecure, and for some this develops into needy-ness or emotional oversensitivity, including an intolerance to criticism – criticism hits the core of an already low self. In business, insecurity and low self-esteem only breeds (attracts) more ‘Non-Abundant’ energy.

Sometimes there is too much reliance on ‘reassurance’ and ‘validation’ – needing external validation to be sure about something, rather than having a discerning mind about feedback given. The energy of self-doubt is picked up by others/customers around them. It is not uncommon that people with weak SP’s are prone to being bullied or dominated in relationships. Some fear of being alone, or some feel very much alone in a ‘life situation’. Both of the latter in the context of not being able to move forward or progress with life in some way, some examples:

  • When with people, there is an experience of dis-empowerment
  • Needy or anxious when connecting with others
  • Isolating self from others
  • Feeling of awkwardness on contact with others
  • Feeling an internal ‘lack of power’ when interacting with others.
  • ‘Stuck alone’, but also ‘Stuck with’ others.

Overactive Solar Plexus

When this Chakra spins too fast, instead of lacking personal power, a person over exerts their power/misuses their power. There is an absolute need to be in control. Think of an entrepreneur who cannot relinquish their power when needed, cannot let go, cannot let the team take over, cannot delegate to or trust staff, cannot trust partnerships. This is almost addictive, certainly hard to let go. Often the only way is to bite the bullet – go ‘cold turkey’ so to speak, for change to occur.

Fast spinners are prone to anger and intolerance. I’m sure you’ve observed some entrepreneurs who are borderline angry in their expression! You get the sense that they could turn at any minute – misinterpret you, take offense, get the wrong end of the stick etc! This is just an overactive SP. This can develop into obsessions, for instance with injustice, but generally anger bubbles just beneath the surface, ready to erupt. Ironically, these entrepreneurs with overactive SP’s can be very successful with their arrogance! – but usually attract followers with similarities, which can be good or bad.

Less extreme fast spinners are people in ‘workaholic mode’. When in workaholic mode, you speed up, you miss things, you get too concerned with having things a certain way (control freak) and you jump to judgments and conclusions too fast. In extreme, you might act/feel superior to others, impatient with others, or easily annoyed with others. This is an example of ‘Not Real Personal Power’, real personal power has a balanced Self Will that is neither inflicted or inhibited.

Physical Symptoms

Forward movement requires some sort of ‘assimilation’ which can then lead to a ‘revving-up’ of energy and ‘strength gathering’, so people with Solar Plexus issues may suffer with: Digestion problems (ulcers or IBS), Pancreatic issues (even diabetes), Muscular issues (chronic fatigue), and even Allergies (intolerance). Appearance-wise I’ve heard that people with SP issues have weight gain around the stomach area, but personally I feel this is too generic of a description. Lots of us have weight gain in this area and we all can’t have SP issues! My own translation is that SP issues can lean towards one of two possibilities: extreme flaccidity in the abdomen region (collapsed type person – inactive) or extreme tautness/armouring in this area (rigid type person – overactive).

When we lack self-esteem and personal power our body can literally become concave: hollowed stomach, weak/sloped shoulders that lean forward/downward, a floppy and weak physique – literally a physical manifestation of apathy and resignation. When we overcompensate for low esteem and lack of power, we stick our chests out, shoulders too far back or hunched up, and a tendency to lean the head/body too far  forward in movement.


Recurring Solar Plexus issues usually revert back to struggles during the period of transitioning from a young person into an adult. During this transition, ask yourself:

  1. Did you have low self-esteem? (you may not have realised at the time)

2. Did you lack confidence? (you may not been aware of this at the time)

3. Did you take risks but fail? (tried to assert yourself, trust your decisions/intuition to no avail)

4. Where you courageous to no avail? (what happened to your natural Warrior energy)

5. Was your Self Will challenged in some way?

6. Were you dis-empowered in some way? (did you struggle with your uniqueness/individuality)

Working on the above issues and releasing them however you wish, is one way of working on them. Entrepreneur Alignment is another way. Just be sure to work both emotionally, physically, and energetically for fuller resolution. You want to shift your body as well as your mind.

A Happy Solar Plexus  

I like to think of these energy centres as living entities in their own right. For example, noticing when your ‘Root is scared’ or insecure, and then attending to it etc.

When the Solar Plexus is happy you will be ‘your true self’ – able to sit in your own power. Look for the times or moments when you were ‘naturally you’ – spontaneous, connected, in flow with yourself and others. Or, notice when you felt you had a ‘Great Day’ – why was this so? It is likely that you were ‘Fully You’ that day, in touch with your Personal Power.

Being ‘fully you’ means having respect yourself and others. This filters through in all your interactions: you interact whilst honouring yourself and as a result honour another in their own ‘process’. This is a natural pre-requisite for the next Chakra, the heart, where their if full acceptance of others. Summed up, there is equality in relating and communicating, not imbalanced by subservience or fear. You may have noticed a stage where you could relate to others with a sense of ‘I am just as valuable as you’ – you ‘own yourself’ and others are responsible for owning themselves too (if they can).

You will experience a high level of integrity, you stick with your beliefs and passions, and this remain constant and unthwarted despite external fluctuations. Imagine someone who accepts that their chosen business will be unpopular to some people, but it remains important to them nevertheless. Imagine someone who feels so strongly about their business direction or purpose that they (lovingly) don’t feel the need to explain their reasons and ideas to doubters. They simply follow their gut: ‘I am I, and you are you, and that is ok’ to paraphrase the late Fritz Perls.

This high level of self-acceptance is expressed naturally, spontaneously, creatively and without inhibition. This includes the ‘healthy’ expression of anger – ‘I have a right to be angry’. Personal power is high self-worth, clear personal values and true self-belief.

This is what I call a spiritual warrior. Someone who is so in touch with their power that they elicit meaning from life’s challenges. There is a natural state of internal reflection in processing all circumstances around them, including the unfavourable: ‘this is how it is’ rather than ‘this is an attack’.

‘Transform yourself into a being of power’

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