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by | 11th May 2018

Do you deserve to enjoy life? Because if you don’t believe this, your business won’t survive in a life that is not enjoyable. The Sacral chakra (second chakra) is not just concerned with sex and sexuality, but is about having a ‘sweet’ and ‘pleasurable’ life. If you believe life is hard and that success only comes from hard work, then success can not be the result of an ‘enjoyable’ and ‘pleasurable’ life. You alienate success through your lack of joy. The deeper reasons are also based on social conditioning, an unstable upbringing, and themes of isolation in some way or another.


How to Work on This  

To work on this without help ‘per se’, firstly challenge your deeper motivations and beliefs behind your business ideas and decisions. Look out for any negativity that creates negative energy, blocking flow. For instance, does business seem to involve an element of sacrifice? – whether deliberate or not. Does business involve suffering? – on whatever level, it may be subtle. Do you have a passive acceptance of things and feel somewhat a martyr in business? – whether in control of this or not. What is your attitude to life? – is it hard? Do you get what you want? What do you dwell on? is there a deficit or sacrifice involved?

Secondly, consider your social conditioning when growing up, particularly around the period of age where a young person becomes conscious about life and life’s issues: aged 8 or 9 up to early teens – aged 13 or 14. What did your parents model to you about: life, money, work, achievement, pleasure and joy? Did they convey (deliberate or not) that life is suffering? Did you witness money struggles and hardship? – this could have been obvious or subtle. For instance, witnessing frivolity, or working hard for money and arguments about money. Were achievements seen to be a struggle? And how much was pleasure and joy modelled to you in a positive way?


“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.”  ― Aldous Huxley


In-active Sacral

A person with an inactive sacral chakra feel a martyr in life. They will be prone to over sensitivity, will be hard on themselves, will be sensitive to instability, feel ‘outside’ of societal groups, and struggle with partnerships. Isolation is a key theme. Physically and sexually, the genital and sacral area is affected in some way: too high or too low sex drive that can lead to sexual dysfunctions, sometimes discomfort around sexuality and gender, and often specific physical ailments in the Sacral area, such as bladder problems or lower back problems.


Ask yourself: how can I feel pleasure in life? Cultivate an ‘Active Desire’ (make effort) to experience the good things in everyday life. Literally cultivate pleasure and joy – only. Forget everything else. That will come as a result. Rejoice in your achievements – what you already have. Make the nurturing of your happiness your highest priority and you will start to see the beauty around you. Explore your passions for all things, what makes you laugh – and increase the laughter. Each day look for fun, love and enjoyment. Now develop a tender feeling towards your ‘happy self’ – love him or her – who has happiness at their roots, who experiences innocent happy enjoyment. You will notice things starting to flow towards you when you get this right. You will also notice your natural waves of libido emerge, and you can decide to meet or not meet these urges. Libido is creative life force energy, not just sexual energy. Therefore, you do not need to have a partner to nourish the sacral chakra: creativity, expression and happiness can come from life as well as with a partner. The libido rises up naturally as a result of pleasurable creative living. You will also notice intense urges to be creative, whether it be through art or music or something else. Nourish this, and you will be nourishing your Sacral chakra. I can only describe life force energy as a huge desire to be ‘creatively you’, and when you express this, you literally take yourself completely out of ‘survival’ / ‘hard life’ mode.


Balanced Sacral

Look around you for people that seem to have magnetic personalities that contain natural happiness and joy. They will be able to trust, express their desires, be creative and tune into their feelings with ease. They experience the good things in life quite naturally and regularly and as a result, people enjoy being in their company. Challenges are automatically positive ‘fruits of life’ and they are content to take the rough with the smooth. In short, they allow happiness and pleasure and joy into their life, which is felt by those around them, and naturally ignites flow in life and business. Now how many people do you know who are like that? And be sure to surround yourself with more people like this.


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