Leverage the New Moon

by | 11th April 2018

Every month there is a New Moon, nothing new – it happens every month, but I realised that some of you may not be leveraging these monthly opportunities, including the build-up to it and the day itself.

I work around the moon cycles all the time in terms of business and creativity. I use the run up to a new moon to get clear new intentions and goals, so that on the day itself the old can pass away and the new can emerge.

Some people are either restless during this time or tired and exhausted. This means that they are receptive to the transformational energy of the new Moon, and are probably psychic – their third eye could be over active.

Having an Entrepreneur Alignment session on a New Moon is not only an excellent opportunity to ‘add flesh’ to your ‘Intention’, you are also leveraging the auspicious timing to 10x your results. It’s like choosing to come in from the surf with a wave (choosing = your intention) and the wave supports your decision (universe = wave carrying you further).

The New Moon is the time to ‘unfold the new’ and ‘renew the self’. It is literally a portal for new beginnings. Use this time to manifest and cultivate something new in your business and in your ‘self’. See this as a time for initiation: new product, new promotion, or new you.

Business Tip

When you start something new you are setting an Intention. Once you’ve done this, spend the next few days making tons of connections with people to nurture your ‘Set Intention’ and leverage opportunities that arise as a result. Do this before the next moon cycle emerges (within the following six-seven days) while the energy of change is still fertile. When you master this, you will notice the connections drop as the energy drops towards the end of the seven days.

Entrepreneur Alignment sessions are extremely beneficial to have during New Moons because we are additionally supported energetically, all we need to do is be extra ‘open’ and ‘receptive’ to universal guidance and healing during the session. All we need to do is harness this energy by ‘saying’, ‘declaring’ what we want, our ‘Intention’. This is done at the start of every session. Sending out a Business Intention – our dreams, wishes and desires during a New Moon is having the chance to start with a clean slate – entering a void of infinite possibilities.

Spring & Future Offers

Entrepreneur Alignment will be offering One-Off New Moon sessions for people to leverage this auspicious opportunity and also give people the chance to have a taster experience of Entrepreneur Alignment can do. Grab these in advance though as they only happen once a month!

Currently: Spring Offer of £60 for the New Moons of 16th April / 15th May / 13th June. Overseas clients are welcome as sessions are online – the 9am slot is usually compatible. Thereafter these special New Moon sessions will increase to £75.


  • Sessions are available on Tuesdays and Fridays at: 9am / 11am / 1pm / 3pm (subject to availability)

The New Moon is a Portal for New Beginnings

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