Perfect You Coaching (individuals & couples)

How it works:  

Take a Profile Test (the link is below) and complete the Personal Assessment – guidelines emailed. Return both of these to be analysed (FREE) in advance of Three Perfect You Coaching sessions (online: Zoom).

The Profile Test is an additional $97/£70 and is worth having on it’s own (approx 36 pages) – we leverage this information with in-depth and practical psychological perspectives to optimise results and acquire your unique progression hacks.

PERFECT YOU Optimisation Sessions

There are many profiling systems. This one has been chosen because it can be easily enhanced with psychotherapy. It is also chosen because it is extremely accurate & based on the I-Ching – a system that existed long before Jung’s psychological ‘Types’. Sessions build on this information, adding two decades of Psychological perspective, along with Professional Debriefing & Motivational Interviewing, to fast track your understanding in a constructive way.

We uncover: how you can best succeed, what to do & not do, your best & worst roles in life, how you can relate & communicate at your optimum, & most importantly how you get into flow & rhythm with yourself and others, so that your life has direction and becomes more effortless.

How Consultancy works:

Includes Three Sessions and Advance Analysis (per person) – Profile Test optional: link below.

Complete & return a Personal Assessment form emailed upon booking. Your privacy is secured in line with General Data Protection Regulations.

Return assessment (+ Profile test if taken) in advance of your 3 online sessions (analysis time is FREE).

Note: The Profile Test is a separate fee ($97/£70) – approx. 36 pages. It is chosen for its accuracy: based on the I-Ching – a system that existed long before Jung’s psychological ‘Types’ (Myers Briggs). Initially designed for entrepreneurs, it is also called a ‘Talent Dynamics Test’.


Optimized Consultancy

Once you outline your goals in your assessment, we leverage this with psychological debriefing so that you take away practical progression hacks unique to you. Sessions include Motivational Interviewing with positive and constructive feedback to fast track your personal development and understanding for immediate application.


– includes pre-session assessment/analysis

(+ analysis of optional Profile Test if taken)

£ 199

Introductory Offer for new clients (increases to £235)

Take Profile Test:



Book Consultancy & Complete Assessment


Optional: Complete Profile Test (above)


Return Assessment (+ test) for free analysis


Schedule Consultancy Sessions & Get Started!

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