Are You Mentally Healthy?

by | 6th June 2017

Every experienced therapist knows how to recognise when they are in a ‘good state’ of mental health, when they are not, and why. This is because they have a ‘highly developed’ sense of Self-Awareness, or Mindfulness. For me, I know I am in a good state when I am totally focused, so much so, that no sudden noises or background distractions disturb me. Here are more indications of good mental health which you can use as an assessment tool:
1. Clarity

You see the whole picture very clearly and very quickly: able to assess things clearly and easily without confusion. You may not act immediately, but are able to make decisions accordingly.

2. Right and Wrong

You can ascertain what is bad for you (unhealthy) quickly, clearly and easily. This allows for only accepting what is right and good for you.

3. Boundaries

Your boundaries are very clear – you know what is ‘overstepping’ and what is ‘staying within’ boundaries. You manage boundaries very well – you know when it is appropriate to break boundaries, and when it is not, and can handle these incidences professionally and with ease: relaxed and comfortable.

4. Feelings & Emotions

Your feelings and emotions flow freely – they are not suppressed or stuck in any way, and they don’t overwhelm, control or dominate you. When you feel, you really feel intensely in the moment, so feelings are released and you are free to experience once again.

5. Self-Awareness

You have a high level of self-awareness and deep understanding of your own ‘process’ of relating and experiencing.

6. Openness

You are able to be open, able to be flexible, open to considerations and possibilities, not rigid in your mindset. As a result, ‘change’ is not threatening, ‘difference’ is not threatening, openness is a healthy attitude.

7. Self-Containment

You are self-contained and not needy of others, yet not detached from others – able to love and be loved whilst having a clear sense of yourself.

8. Creativity

You are spontaneous and creative, this provides energy, excitement and focus, allowing you to express your true self, your total ‘being’, your ‘soul’, your true nature: alive and vibrantly you.

9. Come Back

You are able to pick yourself up from any level of setback: you are not defeated or crushed by it, and learn from it.

10. Nicely Neurotic

There is no such thing as perfect mental health, whilst the aim is not to be insane! – a bit of neurosis is normal, we all have a bit of madness within. Aim to be nicely neurotic! – this means that you are able to accept yourself fully, imperfections and all, and are able recognise and manage your neuroses accordingly.

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